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Peter Taunton is a pioneer in the fitness industry. In 2003, he had a vision for Snap Fitness: to create an affordable, 24-7, results-driven gym differentiated from the impersonal, expensive big-box experience. Today there are Snap Fitness franchises in 2,500 locations in 26 countries. And Taunton, CEO of Lift Brands, didn’t stop there.

Taunton is an expert at understanding consumer desires and fulfilling them. In recent years, he has acquired and founded several brands to round out the consumer-fitness experience: 9Round, Farrell’s, YogaFit, STEELE Fitness, Fitness On Demand. Together with the Snap Fitness brand they comprise the world’s largest wellness franchise organizations with over 6000 locations across multiple brands serving 165 million workouts and counting.

Taunton, who prior to founding Snap Fitness owned nine America’s Fitness Centers, has designed a franchise-development operation that is the envy of the industry. He leads with infectious enthusiasm, which attracts prospective owners from all over the world. He provides them affordable financing, world-class support and an easy turnkey process. Most importantly he teaches them his own management philosophy, “Success is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.”





Christopher Frederick, Former Professional Soccer Player. Now Serial Entrepreneur. As seen in Forbes, ABC News, MSNBC and Fox News. Chris is renowned for helping people and brands amplify their exposure across the Internet. He’s transformed his experience as a high performing athlete and businessman into real-world strategies. He’s produced massive results for hundreds of people and companies around the world to find innovative and creative ways to market themselves in our highly competitive environment.




Alex Moeller



Alex Moeller is an Ecuadorian Entrepreneur and CEO. He has seven plus years of experience in the corporate world leading one of Latin America's most important distribution companies. Managing and distributing some of the top world-renowned beauty products and lines L'OREAL and many others. Alex's specialty comes in the marketing world, he has incredible experience in branding, product development, and marketing strategies.




Max Taunton, an originating member of the Elevare team, oversees efforts in marketing, sales, logistics, web integrations, product development, business development, and our affiliate strategy. Max has extensive knowledge of the online marketplace and draws from his previous endeavors dropshipping products, building private labels brands, selling on Amazon, and building online Shopify stores from the ground up. Since launching his first online business at the age of 18, his inquisitive nature and entrepreneurial mindset has unlocked opportunities to work alongside industry leaders in Tech, Health & Wellness, and now the CBD niche.

About Elevare

Elevare provides the highest quality CBD products available with maximum bio-availability. All of our products are curated with PURE CBD and are organic, Non-GMO, and vegan, containing a proprietary blend of the purest ingredients.

We provide a healthy, all-natural alternative to both over-the-counter and prescription medication. Our customers’ health and well-being is what motivates us to continue setting the CBD industry standard.

The passion and precision of our development team is what sets us apart, making Elevare second to none!

Meet Our Medical Expert

Sheelah has witnessed firsthand the many health benefits of medicinal marijuana and has the experience, compassion, faith, and knowledge to execute a safe and productive model to move forward in the medical marijuana field.

Sheelah became a certified wildland firefighter and volunteered in the department for four years before becoming chairman-elect for the entire district. At the end of her term as chairman of the board of the Gila County Fire District, she was appointed by the Governor, Jan Brewer, as one of only two public members of the state to the Naturopathic Medical Board of Examiners.

Sheelah now mentors across the country and has reached out to over 20,000 patients with ailments ranging from severe and chronic pain to cancer and epilepsy. Sheelah has witnessed firsthand the many health benefits of medicinal marijuana and has the compassion, faith, and knowledge to execute a safe and productive model to move forward in the medical marijuana field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liposomal Encapsulation (LTE) is a delivery mechanism that drives the CBD to your receptors, and mimics the cellular structure, for higher and faster absorption rates. In more technical terms... Substances are shielded by LET from the devastating and threatening results, which are likely to take place within the gastrointestinal passage. Liposomal Encapsulation HAS a phospholipid liposome that constructs a defense that repels the negative activities of the digestive juices, alkaline solutions, salts and free radicals of the body. So the protection of this process lasts from the moment the nutrients are on their way towards the gastrointestinal tract until the contents have reached the target tissue and are immediately taken in by the cellular structure and transferred into the intra-cellular space.

Our proprietary terpine blend was created after nearly a decade of research after analyzing which terpines have the best synergy with CBD.  This is why Elevare uses Linalool, A-pinene, Beta-caryophyllene and Myrcene.  This synergy mocks the D9 molecule allowing the CBD to do a better job.

Sacha Inchi oil ( SASHA- INCH IE) is one of the few exotic oils that have been discovered in the Amazon rainforest. It is unique because it contains a good mix of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 healthy fatsSacha inchi is rich in protein, omega-3, -6, and -9, alpha-tocopherol, vitamin E, and carotenoids (Vitamin A), and fiber. Its unique collection of nutrients provide notable benefits for the body. Controls cholesterol. Sacha inchi lowers BAD cholesterol (LDL) and raises GOOD cholesterol (HDL). Improves Heart Health. Rich in Omega fatty acids, particularly Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA), Sacha Inchi is one of the best sources of plant-based Omega 3 Oils in the world.

Elevare's Cannabidiol is suspended in PURE PROTEIN with a combination of Sacha Inchi Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. CBD's are lipids, (they cannot be suspended in a water soluble without changing the molecular structure), so it only stands to reason companies would use fat/glycerin as a carrier for the cannabidiol. What you want is a suspension in pure protein. Suspending in glycerin or MCT oil, and other fatty oils can and will exacerbate patient symptoms! It is important to use a CBD suspending in pure protein like our Elevare tincture products. Since MCT oil is metabolized differently than LCT's, it can also cause significant gastrointestinal distress, such as diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and cramping. Fatty acid is saturated fat. The fat in coconut oil is 92% saturated fat. Stick to a pure protein for optimal results.

It's called the Paradoxical Effect. About 20% of the population has a paradoxical effect with products. In these cases, the product taken has the opposite effect of what is the expected result. While tinctures are recommended to be taken at night since they may cause drowsiness, if you find yourself sleepless and wide awake, you should take the tincture in the morning.

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